Commercial – Golf Ball Cleaner

ballzee golf ball cleaner
Ballzee Golf Ball Cleaner

Information Station

  • Tools:
    • Adobe Premier Pro
    • Adobe Audition
    • Nikon D5300 Camera
    • Several tripods and a camera dolly
    • Lights with diffusers and a background in studio
    • In the field lighting was natural and controlled with a reflector disc.
  • Purpose: This concept was to make a commercial for the Ballzee Golf Ball Cleaner. With Ballzee marketing material as an outline and a rough script we, as the Ball Pro Marketing Department, set out to stretch the highlights into a 30-60 second video.
  • Production Notes: The voice over script was given to a V.O. Actor who then passed rough cuts to me to touch up in Audition. I then combined the V.O. and video in Premier Pro to produce the final product and upload it to YouTube.