This is me.

Producer, Camera Operator, Motion Graphics Artist, Graphic Designer, Prepress Specialist...these are all titles I have had; all titles I pride myself on. I am a versatile digital designer, and a generalist at heart. Whether it's a Windows or Mac environment, I am comfortable on both systems. When it comes to making designs, I utilize multiple Adobe CC products. My expertise lies in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, and InDesign. However, I do not limit myself to these. After Effects, Lightroom, and even Bridge are programs that I have skilled myself in over 10 plus years as a designer.

Not only am I a designer, but programing is another skill I have honed over the years. When it comes to web programing I can develop using both server-side, and client-side languages. I have experience in making Wordpress sites customized to a client’s needs, and have also built sites from scratch. Formal training in computer programming has led to me writing Java for Android, C#, and made me a better reader and writer of computer languages.

In the end I sell myself as a well versed Multimedia Artist. Someone who can adapt quickly, learn new skills with excitement, and find fun in any place where I can use my skills to be creative and innovative.